Reactions to ‘Rogue One’ Are Overwhelmingly Positive


The upcoming Star Wars spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premiered in Los Angeles tonight and for months the film has been under tremendous scrutiny after rumors began to swirl that up to forty percent of the film was going to be reshot. Not only that but director Tony Gilroy was going to helm the reshoots rather than Gareth Edwards due to executives at Lucasfilm reportedly being dissatisfied with the overall tone of the film. There were claims the film was too dark and lacked the levity the Star Wars franchise is known for but if there’s anything we can deduce from the trailers it’s that the film most certainly brings the comedy with K-2SO (Alan Tudyk).

While there is still an embargo on the film, many have taken to twitter to share their reactions to the film. The verdict? It’s good. Really good. It seems anyone who still has trepidations regarding the reshoots or the rather last minute addition of Michael Giacchino to compose the score doesn’t have anything to worry about. Those who have seen the film are lauding almost every element to the film from the immersive cinematography to the ways in which it expands the universe. It seems Rogue One has everything fans could have hoped a fresh take on the franchise could offer while still remaining true to the original Star Wars.

All the reactions are incredibly encouraging and relieving. But at the same time knowing the film exceeded the expectations of most who saw it leaves me feeling even more sick to my stomach in excitement than I already was as I sit here stuffing my face with chocolate covered pecan bark at three in the morning while I watch Star Wars Rebels wondering how the hell I’m going to make it until Thursday.

My emoji, ladies & gentlemen.

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Author: Michael Mistroff

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