Kevin Feige Wants A More Diverse Cast; Teases Unexpected Team-Ups

President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige discussed with Vulture about the evolution of the marvel cinematic universe as we near phase 4 of the franchise which will begin to diversify the line-up of characters featured in the MCU starting with the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Our filmmaker [Jon Watts] came in and had pictures of real high schools, and they are as diverse as you could imagine…That was something that was important to us, to set it apart from other Spidey films that have been made — to carve that niche — and to have it represent the world today.

As a white person, I find myself totally taken out of most films which feature an all white cast. We need our art to reflect the way in which the world looks. While Hollywood is beginning to make some progress with diversity, most notably productions that fall under the mouse house Disney, there is still a long way to go. I can only imagine how other races must feel watching nothing but white superheroes kick ass in these films. I would feel incredibly alienated.

I also think we need to see more ordinary looking people represented in a film today. It’s hard to identify with characters when everyone who playing them is so stunningly attractive. We can sit back and admire them, but many of these blockbuster films — especially Marvel movies — exist so far outside of us that as much as we can enjoy them, it prevents us from having a transformative film going experience. I find myself consistently gravitating back to 70’s, 80’s and 90’s cinema not because I grew up with motion pictures shot on celluloid, but because of the more ordinary and somewhat disheveled leads of the past, I find I’m able to establish a deeper connection with the characters.

Feige also teased unexpected team-ups in future Marvel films, encouraging fans to be a bit more imaginative when speculating about which characters could share scenes in phase 4.

Particularly in Infinity War and the movie after that, there are … unexpected team-ups

Who would you like to see team-up in a future Marvel film? Personally, I am all for Spider-Man and Ant-Man as I think they would make for a hilarious duo on screen. They both have that natural charm that I think would bounce well off of each other. I can’t really imagine how their powers would combination in action which is exactly why I would love to see it.


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  1. Feige wants a more diverse cast? Gee, if only he’d been in a position to make that possible before now. If only there had been something he could have done to make the previous movies more diverse.

    You want diversity, Feige? Then shut the hell up and get it done.


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