DC Entertainment

‘The Flash’: “The Monster” Producers Preview; Monster Scene Clip (UPDATED)

Executive producer Todd Helbing discusses how Team Flash will begin to grow suspicious of the Harrison Wells known as “HR” as the team takes on a monster who is on the loose, rampaging through Central City in tonight’s episode of The Flash.

The episode will also introduce us to the mother Caitlin Snow, Dr. Tannhauser (Susan Walters) as Caitlin seeks out help to understand the manifestation of her newfound abilities.

Desperate to understand what is happening to her, Caitlin visits her mother, Dr. Tannhauser (guest star Susan Walters), a renowned biomedical researcher, in the hopes that her mother can provide some answers about Caitlin’s growing meta-human powers. However, when Dr. Tannhauser treats her daughter like a test subject, Caitlin grows cold and brings up past wounds causing the two to have a major blowout. Meanwhile, after a mysterious new meta-human attacks Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) tries to convince Julian (Tom Felton) to let him assist on the case.

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