Get Your First Taste of Justice For Barb

Stranger Things fans were up in arms over the lack of acknowledgement for the disappearance of Barbra Holland (Shannon Purser) in the first season of Stranger Things. While I was a fan of Purser’s performance of the character I think everyone can relate to, I was sort of baffled by how many people seemed to miss the scene when the local police explained that Barb’s car was found at the bus station making it seem as if she had run away. While we all knew it was a cover-up, the local police did not so it would make sense for them not to use up any more of their limited resources in the midst of Will Byers’ disappearance.

But as we know, enough uproar on the internet can make just about anything happen these days. Netflix has just put up a hilarious faux-newscast from 5 WIYZ Hawkins featuring a report about the mysterious disappearance of Barb. Check it out below and remember to stay away from Mirkwood and watch out for the Demogorgon this Halloween!

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