‘Black Mirror’: Charlie Brooker and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Talk “San Junipero”

Charlie Brooker and Gugu Mbatha-Raw sat down with E! News to talk about the experience of creating the devastatingly beautiful and more hopeful episode than we are used to seeing from Black Mirror titled “San Junipero”. Raw spoke about reading the script for the first time and Brooker added what his intention for the episode was.


I read it on my phone which I suppose is very Black Mirror esque and I just couldn’t stop reading it it was so beautifully written. And also just such a unique concept the characters are so vibrant. And It really effected me actually I thought, wow this is really making me think.


It was the first one I wrote for this season actually and I was trying to reinvent what the show was, hence the american setting. 

The two also shared what they hoped audiences would take away from the episode.


It’s a universal romance and a coming of age story and hopefully it’s sort of optimistic and hopeful. 


It has a sort of surprise emotional sort of pull to it that will hopefully draw people in and make you think and make you feel.

Black Mirror usually shows us the dark side of the possible future that technology could foster for us, however. “San Junipero” gave us a look at an extraordinary technology that I think would appeal to many if given the opportunity to (SPOILER ALERT) spend the afterlife roaming through the era’s of their choice in a virtual reality for eternity. I mean who doesn’t want to go back to the 80’s?

Black Mirror currently has another six episodes in development which are slated to hit Netflix sometime in 2017.

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