‘The Punisher’: 5 New Cast Members Join Netflix Drama

One of three Marvel series set to debut on Netflix in 2017 (the others being Iron Fist, and The Defenders), Marvel’s The Punisher is gearing up to adorn itself with both allies and aggressors. No one here at AR was more excited than I was today to hear Marvel’s announcement about the most recent additions to the upcoming Punisher Netflix series.

Joining the killing grounds with series lead actor Jon Bernthal is Daniel Webber (11.22.63)Jason R. Moore (A Lonely Place For Dying), Paul Shulz (Nurse Jackie), Jaime Ray Newman (Bates Motel), and Michael Nathanson (The KnickWolf of Wallstreet). Webber will play Lewis Walcott, a young veteran re-acclimating to society, Moore has been cast as an old friend of Frank Castle, Shulz plays Rawlins, a member of the CIA that has ties to Castle’s days in Afghanistan, Newman will join as Sarah Lieberman, Micro’s wife (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), and Nathanson will play Sam Stein, a Homeland agent partnered with Dinah (Amber Rose Revah).






I was also more than amped that Steve Lightfoot, who absolutely blew me away with his work as Executive Producer on NBC’s Hannibal is taking the helm in the same role on The Punisher as well as becoming the showrunner and penning its maiden season’s first two episodes. He had warm things to say about those about to join him.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more talented group of actors to round out the cast of Marvel’s The Punisher. …It’s a thrill to watch them each bring their characters to life with such layered, nuanced performances.”

Even thinking about the gritty, raw, yet openly vulnerable offering from Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle aka The Punisher, I get goosebumps. Having initially seen the character for pages upon comic book pages in my first fragile glances upon more violence-forward areas of the Marvel spectrum, I couldn’t have asked for a better fit in an actor. He absolutely wowed me in the first season of The Walking Dead as the two-timing Shane Walsh. It’s tantamount that Bernthal’s supporting cast can go steel toe-to-steel toe with him, which seems likely to happen. Executive Producer Jeph Loeb had glowing things to add regarding the stellar lineup.

“Marvel TV is very proud of the cast of The Punisher. Each actor brings a special promise who surround Jon Bernthal’s exceptional performance.”

The promise of a gloriously glossy, stylistic and well-acted presentation seems to be rapidly approaching on the horizon for ex-military vigilante Frank Castle’s chilling foray into his own thrilling Netflix drama.



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