indiana jones

‘Indiana Jones 5’: Lucas is Out

Shortly after Disney acquired Lucasfilm from George Lucas, it was announced that Lucasfilm would be continuing the Indiana Jones franchise along with the Star Wars franchise. After Lucas’ ideas for the story of The Force Awakens were rejected resulting in Lucas removing himself from the production entirely, many wondered if the visionary filmmaker would still be involved with Indy 5.

Steven Spielberg, who is currently helming the on-screen adaptation of the best-selling novel, Ready Player One, was quoted by CBR this summer during a press roundtable for The BFG, saying that he would never make an Indiana Jones film without his best friend Lucas. Spielberg added that Lucas would be an executive producer on the film but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

In an interview with Collider while promoting Inferno, screenwriter David Koepp who is currently penning the script for Indy 5 was asked about Lucas’ attachment to the project.

“He’s not, to my knowledge. I’ve had no contact with him.”

This comes as no great surprise considering Lucas called the executives at Disney “White Slavers” and described his exit from Lucasfilm like it was a divorce last winter in an interview with Charlie Rose. Lucas also was quoted in Hollywood at the red carpet premiere for The Force Awakens that the only movies he would ever make again would be never be seen by anybody but himself and his friends.


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