Deadpool Fans Unite for Change…and Quentin Tarantino?

After the rather drama-free departure of Tim Miller from ‘Deadpool 2’ Friday, it’s obvious there’s an empty seat that needs to be filled on this satire-saturated feature film. Fox has no doubt been mining for the perfect successor for the fan admired director. Some fan’s however, have decided to actively take matters into their own rapidly typing hands.

Sunday on, a petition-organizing site for the masses, fans assembled to gather votes to have directing tour de force Quentin Tarantino take to the set for our beloved merc-with-a-mouth. Carl Champion Jr., the creator of the petition is quite confident in the success that having the Academy Award winning Tarantino on the project would bring:

“If there was ever a chance to see Tarantino do a project almost guaranteed to make a billion dollars, this is it. We got a great taste of what this could be like in Kill Bill, but imagine having a guy like Tarantino write dialogue for The Merc with the Mouth! It would be so glorious. Join me!”

Having Tarantino’s spin on our favorite fourth wall-breaking badass would no doubt be something to see, but whether Fox takes the sway of potentially 2500 max dedicated Deadpool supporters is extremely unlikely. The sound of the cash registers at the box office is far too deafening for the clicking of keyboards to be heard over, and it’s the producer’s call on the creative end most of the time.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 5.00.40 PM.png

Thus far, with only 554 votes left to reach the petition goal, at least some of us agree with Champion Jr. Personally, I love Tarantino’s body of work, but I’m not feeling the feels about him potentially taking the directorial reins of the project. I’d rather see Tarantino do his own thing on his own projects, where he so often shines in full effect. With Deadpool having such an ardent protector and producer in star Ryan Reynolds, who’s vision of the character is so razor-focused it pushes any occluding visions completely out of the way, the next director will no doubt be a handpicked accompaniment to his dyed in the sites dedication. screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-5-02-44-pm


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