‘Jessica Jones’: All Women Directors for Season 2

The depiction of rape and sexual violence towards women has been alluded to, and written into storylines for decades, and each time I view such a storyline, I can’t help but overanalyze it with a bit of a racing mind. Being a writer who’s even had some of this particularly damaging imagery in my own stories to help lend a voice to those who need it, I was emotionally eviscerated with relief when Season 1 of ‘Jessica Jones’ took the subject head on.

With its main character of Jessica being a survivor of rape, and outrageously outspoken about everything to nearly a volatile level, the show’s efforts soaked in all the feels and displayed the actions that come with being branded with such a trauma; these include violent outbursts, binge drinking, and distancing one’s self from everyone trying to contain the heartbreak bleed out.

‘Jessica Jones’ showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg announced during her keynote panel at the Transform Hollywood symposium that all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones season 2 will be directed by women. Marvel has had an ongoing initiative to diversify across its media boards, and this is just a fantastic effort in that vein. The maturity level, overall graphic telemetry, social diatribes, and emotional content that Marvel has been pouring into its Netflix offerings is truly impressive. Seeing that reflected behind the cameras is a fitting feather in that extending wingspan.

Rosenberg went on during the panel to speak on being in the industry:

“I think the only reason I’m sitting here is because of tenacity. It’s a tough business. You really have to be able to take a hit… I’ve gotten fired so many times, I can’t even count now… That’s the nature of the business, it’s really hard. You have to be able to pick yourself up and say that tomorrow is going to be better than today.”

Tenacity is that rare savory sting of metallic determination on the palate of any person’s career; once you get a taste for it or of it, you can’t live without it scraping the pages of your life. The character of Jessica Jones is striding towards crafting a better life for herself, moving forward from crushing past events, as JJ season 2 starts filming after ‘The Defenders’ which is set to begin in November of this year. Tomorrow may not be coming today, but it is coming, and that is something beautiful for any survivor out there.


Melissa Rosenberg


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