‘Deadpool 2’: Tim Miller Bows Out

Creative differences should be on the radar of pretty much any writing team as that thing you say when there’s nothing else to say, and listed as ‘that other silent killer.’ According to Deadline, Director Tim Miller has amicably stepped away from the upcoming ‘Deadpool 2,’ due to these aforementioned ‘creative differences’ between him and the film’s star and producer, Ryan Reynolds. This news no doubt will make fans of the first Deadpool outing writhe in their collective seats a little (myself included), as the tone and delivery of the film’s cinematic feel and action was perhaps just eerily glorious.

Miller has been re-delegated by Fox to’Influx’ based off the David Suarez novel that will feature a Mark Bombek script, and is slated for a 2018 release.

Having been with Deadpool posse Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese,  and Paul Wernick since his 2011, it’s sad to see Miller go, but the days of future forward look promising for all those involved.



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