Marc Guggenheim Talks Vigilante in ‘Arrow’ Season Five

Marc Guggenheim is at it again divulging information that for any other show would be considered a spoiler, but in the case of Arrow — spoilers are actually used to promote the show. For comic book fans in the know, it will come as no great surprise, however. General audiences prepare to be enlightened.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Marc confirmed that the new district attorney, Adrian Chase A.K.A. Pissed ‘Royally’ Off  (Josh Segarra) — who was introduced this past week in the episode titled “A Matter of Trust” would, in fact, become his comic book alter ego “Vigilante”.

What’s kind of fun about the way we’re writing Adrian, and the way we’re portraying Josh’s character, is we’re writing with the knowledge that the audience has a certain amount of comic book knowledge. If they don’t, if you’re not a comic book fan, it’ll fly over your head and it’s totally fine; it’s like an adult joke in a Pixar movie. But if you are familiar with the comic, then you’ll probably interpret certain scenes in a very specific way, and that’s fun for us. I don’t think we’ve ever really done it in this fashion before, use what I call their comic book destiny as part of the storytelling.

It sounds good as long as they don’t go too far and alienate general audiences like certain superhero properties have (cough cough, BvS).

In the comics, Adrian Chase was a district attorney who took the law into his own hands as he took on the persona of Vigilante after losing faith in the corrupt criminal justice system. It was clear Adrian was extremely passionate about his job in the few minutes we got of him so far so it should be interesting to watch as he begins his descent into vigilantism. Being that he and Oliver already have a history and that Oliver is at work training Team Arrow 2.0, it seems likely that Vigilante is set to be the next addition to the new team.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



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