First Look at Stephen Merchant as Caliban in ‘Logan’

The Logan marketing campaign via social media continues. Today we have our first look at Stephen Merchant as Caliban. The albino mutant will be assisting Wolverine as he takes care of Professor X who is in a state of cognitive decline.

In the comics, Caliban was a mutant with the ability to track other mutants. After he was captured by the Watchtower (an anti-mutant research facility), Caliban was liberated by Wolverine and several other mutants. He was one of the few who regained his powers post M-Day.

Since we already know Logan and Xavier’s powers aren’t what they used to be in a future where humans are asking “Where have all the mutants gone?”, it seems likely Wolverine and the Professor aren’t the only ones who’s powers are diminishing.


Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.



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