Topps Star Wars Cards Reveal New ‘Rogue One’ Characters

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly and, we have our first look at some of the new Topps cards featuring new characters who will appear in the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The cards also include some incredible imagery captured by cinematographer Greig Fraser.


The unknown female X-Wing pilot looks incredible sporting the orange flight suit first seen worn by Rebel pilots in A New Hope. I’m glad to see women aren’t just front and center in the franchise but mixed into the background as well. Star Wars isn’t just for boys anymore.


This Rebel soldier just stepped out of World War II and into the Star Wars universe. While Rebel soldiers in the past have always had a unique look that was undeniably Star Wars, many of the costume designs for the Rebels and the Imperials were inspired by World War II. It’s nice to see a costume that is so close to the design of the American uniform soldiers wore in battle.


What do you get when you splice together a Wookie and a Wompa? You get Moroff (a Grigoran). Is that a laser minigun he’s armed with?!


A stormtrooper on Scariff captured gorgeously by Greg Frasier. The sky in the background is all natural. No computer graphics necessary.


The Rebel Lookout for the Yavin base first seen in A New Hope. While I am excited to see all of the new costumes and vehicle designs, it’s good to see some old friends in the mix to remind us exactly when and where we are in the timeline.


X-Wing pilots heading into battle for what will be their first victory against the Empire.


Felicity Jones looks absolutely incredible as Jyn Erso. I need to go to Target and find her action figure right now. I’ve been unsuccessful at finding one so far.


What is interesting about this photo of Ben Mendelsohn as Director Krennic is that Imperial officers do not usually carry blasters. He must have a good reason and I hope we get to find out in the film.

To see all of the Topp Cards for Rogue One including some pale blue Mon Calamari, head on over to Entertainment Weekly and

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters December 16, 2016.



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