New ‘Logan’ Photo Teases Future Without Mutants

Fox’s marketing campaign for Logan is in full swing on Instagram. Over the last ten days, the film’s official title was revealed along with the official poster plus a slew of photos offering glimpses into the upcoming film. We haven’t seen a trailer yet but there is plenty to gather about the gritty and violent tone of the film as well as some clues to the plot.

Today, director James Mangold and Wolverine himself — Hugh Jackman, took to twitter to dole out a few more teases from the project.

First up is some concept art showing Wolverine punching through a windshield.

But the tease that has everyone talking is a cryptic question scribed into the side of a bathroom stall asking “Where are all the mutants?”. We know that Professor X is in a state of cognitive decline and Logan’s powers aren’t what they used to be. Could it be possible mutants are losing their powers? Or have mutants gone into hiding? Either way, it seems like the people of Earth are desperate for mutants to return.

Jackman also tweeted out a photo of a smelting plant tipped over which was posted to the film’s official Instagram account a couple of days ago. While the post-apocalyptic future in Days of Future Past was averted, things look to be in pretty bad shape in the current timeline.

Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.


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