NYCC 2016: ‘Justice For Barb’

The ‘Justice For Barb’ phenomenon continues. Spotted all around New York Comic Con are missing flyers for the beloved character played by Shannon Purser from this past summer’s biggest series Stranger Things. 

So let’s talk about this for a second. Did everyone but me miss the scene in the cafeteria when Nancy and Mrs. Wheeler were talking to the two local officers? They said the state police found Barb’s car at the bus station making it seem as if she had run away. If the local cops were under that impression then why would they be using up the little resources they have to look for her? Especially with the Will crisis going on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Barb as well, I mean—we are all Barb and yes, the characters needed to acknowledge what happened to her more but shit like this is why Hollywood has to now force feed exposition down our throats. Get over it people! They showed you what happened to her. She’s dead!


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