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‘Suicide Squad’ Gets Extended Cut

Coming as no great surprise, Warner Brothers is going to release one of the many alternate cuts of Suicide Squad. After being tested by audiences, the non-sensical film underwent numerous edits resulting in a disjunctive narrative that left many confused and disoriented including myself. The film itself felt more like a few music videos stitched together with action sequences in between.

The cartoonish acid trip will include an additional thirteen extra minutes of footage. Will this footage add the exposition this film was lacking? Will the Joker actually have something to do with the main plot?

Check out the promo for the Blu-Ray below. Its possible it was put together by the folks over at Trailer Park as it has the same spastic editing that the film had.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition was a big improvement from the theatrical release and provided the necessary connective tissue the film desperately needed. Hopefully the extended cut for Suicide Squad will do something similar.

Suicide Squad Extended Cut is set for digital release on November 5th and a Blu-Ray release on December 13th. Spread the word.

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