Wedge Antilles Has A New Backstory

Wedge Antilles is about to make his debut in the third episode of Star Wars Rebels season three. In the clip released by Lucasfilm and DisneyXD today, Wedge is seen on a catwalk inside an Imperial hangar. The episode titled “The Antilles Extraction,” will see Wedge and a few other Imperials defect from the Empire with the help of Sabine.

The Lost Stars vibe is strong in this clip. Along with Rogue One, Lucasfilms focus right now seems to be fleshing out the space between good and evil within canon. It presents unlimited possibilities and it’s extremely exciting.

If you haven’t read Lost Stars you have missed out. The young adult novel follows two star crossed lovers on opposite sides of the conflict during the galactic civil war and intersects with the events of the original trilogy brilliantly.

Wedge’s appearance in Rebels makes his small scene in Lost Stars even more meaningful as (spoiler alert) he was then the one recruiting members of the Empire for the Rebellion.

Star Wars Rebels airs Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on DisneyXD.


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